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This Is Us

Two girls, going through the motions of life, motherhood and faith, found each other in an elementary school gym, became fast friends and decided to change the world.  They chased one cause after another, finding happiness, yet feeling overwhelmed.  Finally, they decided to harness their power and create a home base for all things good in the world.  Welcome to The Advocate Movement.  Danielle will be the one to happy/sad cry with you and Kourtney will clap her back to reality while lovingly saying, “There’s good work to be done, let’s go”.  Seriously, what more do you need?


This Is What We Value

We value honesty.  We value kindness.  We value authenticity and integrity.  We truly believe in doing good and doing it well.  Giving of ourselves for a greater purpose.  Lifting others up and leading by example.  Living in alignment with what makes our souls free.


This Is Why

To empower the searchers to become doers.  To relieve you of the overwhelming feeling that it’s all too much, of not knowing where to start, of questioning if you’re doing enough.  We are your toolbox, providing you with everything you need to build the generous and giving life you are dreaming of.